2014 ECOlogical Wall Calendar

2014 ECOlogical Wall Calendar

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Limited quantities of 10th anniversary calendar still available!

Chris Hardman’s revolutionary ECOlogical Calendar – like nature itself – marks time by the seasonal changes in life on Earth – from winter snows to spring flowers, from summer sun to autumn leaves.

Now in its tenth edition, the ECOlogical Calendar will transform your concept of time while providing a daily reminder of our responsibility to safeguard our amazing corner of the cosmos. Designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere, it presents a host of details about our natural world.

Four 12x36 in. (91.4x30.5 cm.) full color panels - one for each season
Six-page information booklet explaining how the calendar works
Tracks the tides, Sun, Moon, planets, and stars throughout the year, while offering scientific insight on natural history, ecology, and astronomy - all illustrated with Chris Hardman’s inspired (and inspiring!) artwork.

On the Front of Each Panel:

  • Gregorian dates are accompanied by rhyming, imaginative poetry
  • visible planets, constellations & brightest stars
  • terrestrial & meteorological phenomena
  • tidal and lunar phases
  • changing ratio of daylight to darkness

On the Back of Each Panel:

  • Concise scientific facts illuminate the natural history, ecology and astronomy topics depicted on the front