Help ECOlogical Calendar Go Digital


ECOcal brings the natural world to the iPhone

 Access the natural world every time you turn on your iPhone. ECOcal is an interactive daily calendar of the Earth and sky with extensive scientific information about astronomical and terrestrial events. Scroll through the Sky Chart to find out when the next meteor shower will peak or when there’s going to be a lunar eclipse.  Zoom in on a constellation to see the magnitude of a star.  Tap on an image of an animal or plant in the Earth Band to read about how they cope with winter’s cold or summer’s heat. ECOcal allows you to scroll though the entire year, from Winter solstice to summer solstice and back to Winter solstice again, discovering and learning amazing things along the way. It's like looking into a beautiful snow globe that reveals the events and changes that occur throughout the year, inviting you to participate in the world around you.


In the world of iPhone applications ECOcal stands alone in its depth of content. Few applications will keep your attention all year and provide so much information. All graphics were hand drawn by Chris Hardman, creator of The ECOlogical Calendar, and while the application may be beautiful to look at, it's a fun, new and exciting way to explore nature through time, and time through nature. ECOcal is art and science at your fingertips.