About The ECOlogical Calendar Vision


You've never seen a calendar like this before!

Chris Hardman's revolutionary ECOlogical Calendar offers a daily invitation to revel in the amazing world we live in.
Like nature, the ECOlogical Calendar marks time by the seasonal changes in life on Earth - from winter snows to spring flowers, from summer sun to autumn leaves. Designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere, it presents information on seasonably visible stars, the phases of the Moon and tides, the rations of darkness and light, the seasonal behaviors of Earth's creatures, and a host of other details about the natural world.

“This is a celebration of time and its infinite manifestations. It marries the sun and the moon to feathers, rime and starfish.” - Paul Hawken

Four foldout panels show each season in full, enhancing your connection with the year's natural progress. The familiar Gregorian days, dates, weeks, and months, as well as international holidays, are also included in this highly functional calendar - but don't be surprised if you begin thinking differently about time and our place in it!


Creation of the ECOlogical Calendar 

In 2002, we exhibited our first black and white photocopied version of a winter season ECOlogical Calendar at the Bioneers Bookstore. The UTNE Reader saw it and wrote an article about the project. The article included a full color mock-up of a section of the ECOlogical Calendar. This led to many requests for a full year’s calendar that did not in fact yet exist. So we found a publisher and as they say "the rest is history."

The ECOlogical Calendar was conceived as a tool to entice people to engage with the natural world each and every day, to appreciate days, not as numbers in boxes, but as events in the ever changing cycle of time.

We've been delivering this message through the creation and distribution of the ECOlogical Calendar for the last 14 years.