About the Creators of the Ecological Calendar


 The theater has always been involved with ecological issues- producing shows on seasonal theme such as Pandemonium which was a celebration of Spring performed in the forest at night and Skin and Bones, an autumnal walk through the Marin County Recycling Center surrounded by chattering calaveras.  Then, in 2002 we created the Ecological Calendar as a chart to illuminate , educate and ultimately celebrate the seasonal events that transpire as this Earth annually takes a lap around the Sun.



Antenna is also known for knocking down barriers between our audience and the stage.  Our current production, Magic Bus, takes folks around San Francisco in an actual bus on a virtual tour of the Summer of Love, fifty years ago. Hosted by professional actors who are time-travellers....well you get it!  magicbussf.com.

 Antenna Theater is a 501(c)3, nonprofit corporation, founded in 1980 in Sausalito, CA.

 All donation are graciously accepted and tax deductible.