Antenna Theater's Heart of San Francisco has appeared over the Golden Gate Bridge for several years. The mile high sky written heart represents the essence of San Francisco's soul. This year we dedicate the Heart to TONY BENNETT, who left his heart in San Francisco. We as residents and visitors of this City of Love, welcome people from all over the world. We are the caretakers. Tony Bennett devotion to music, civil rights (he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King) Tony Bennett was a man of immense integrity and well loved by the people of the Bay Area and San Francisco. 

The Heart Over San Francisco TRIBUTE TO TONY BENNETT : takes place on Sunday, October 1st. at 2:30 p.m. LOOK TO THE SKY ABOVE THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! a meetup place with a music venue will be announced soon. 

TO PARTICIPATE, Purchase our package (to help pay for the event) and you will receive: a Kite with a Heart, string and tail included, a Poster/Mask designed by artist Chris Hardman, and the access to an audio streamed commentary url, performed  and created by Chris Hardman. Ring a bell, blow a Horn, fly your Kite and CELEBRATE on Sunday OCTOBER 1, 2023.